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2016 Street Maintenance Program

The Mayor and City Council recently approved the 2016 Street Resurfacing Program. This year’s program includes approximately 5.3 miles of roadways throughout the City. The City of Darien is anticipating that construction will be starting early May. Our goal is to improve the streets with little inconvenience to the residents.  Residents living on these streets will receive flyers with information and timelines before the paving occurs. Progress information will also be available through the City’s website, Direct Connect, Facebook, the cable channel or by contacting the Municipal Services Department at 630-353-8105.




69th St. Clarendon Hills to Limit 2001
Alabama 67th to Chestnut 2000
Chestnut Alabama to Richmond 2000
Wilmette Ave. Hinsbrook-67th 2004
Sawyer Rd. Chippewa-Honey 2004
Pine Tree Ln. Sawyer to Limit 2004
73rd St. Summit to Hudson 2002
Adams Plainfield to 75th 2002
Sequoia Ln. Adams to Williams 2004
Hamilton Ln. Danbury to Carlton 2004
Danbury Dr. Hamilton to Green Valley 2004
Lyman Ave. Marlborough to Green Valley 2000
Lake Ridge Dr. Kimberly-Oldfield 2004
Evergreen Ln. N. Frontage-Bailey 2001
Chapman Ct. Bailey-Limit 1999
Chapman Dr. Bailey-Limit 1999
Von Drash Dr. Bailey-Limit 1996
Urban Dr. Bailey-Limit 1996
Kearney Rd. Frontage-Limit 1998