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Police Department Alert - Car Burglary at Daycare Center

Car Burglaries

The City of Darien, as well as other surrounding towns, have been experiencing car burglaries at daycare facilities. As the victims are dropping their children off, the offenders are parking in the daycare parking lots, smashing the windows, and stealing items (especially purses/bags and cell phones) from inside the vehicle.
The Darien Police Department is warning citizens to lock their vehicle, take all valuables with them, and don't leave anything in plain sight inside the vehicle.

Police Report:
On 3/8/17 at 0722 hrs, the above vehicle pulled into a parking space next to the victim's vehicle at Goddard School, 8350 Lemont Road, Darien. While the victim was inside the school dropping off a child, the above suspect wearing a white shirt and red pants exited the rear driver's side door, smashed the victim's front passenger window and stole her purse, which was on the front seat.
On the video, it appears the suspect vehicle arrived from s/b Lemont Road and exited s/b Lemont Road.
If you have any information please contact the Darien Police Department at 630-971-3999