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Bids and Proposals

Landscape Plantings and Maintenance

Pre-Bid Conference


Due Date

4/27/2017 10:00:00 AM

Additional Information


The Landscape Maintenance Contractor (herein after called the "Contractor") shall perform in accordance with all stated intents, specifications and stipulations contained or referenced herein.

Each bidder shall be responsible for researching the existing conditions and matters that affect the cost or performance of the services.

The Contractor shall adhere to the plans on file. The designated areas are broken down into three phases. Pending bid results the City will have the ability to select any of the 3 phases. The Contract shall be awarded upon the grand total of all 3 phases and in conjunction with Section VI B.

The Contractor shall furnish all plants, flowers, labor, equipment, supplies, and services required to install and maintain the landscape in an attractive condition. Maintenance of plant materials shall include but are not limited to weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and cleanup. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to have adequate equipment and staff to perform the specified services under the contract. In the event of a mechanical breakdown of equipment, the Contractor will be expected to provide backup services as required under the terms of the contract.

The Contractor shall inspect landscaped areas for indications of pest problems and advise the City Superintendent of Municipal Services of such problems. The City may request additional information, samples, or presentations in support of proposals.

Landscape Plantings and Maintenance Specifications

Landscape Overview

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