Lawn Sprinkler Permit Information

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CODE: 2004 Illinois State Plumbing Code
Type "M" Copper Not Permitted

Private property irrigation permit cost $50.00.

Private property and right of way permit cost $250.00. (Right-of-way waiver required)

Cost includes a $175.00 refundable bond.

If a d-duct meter is requested by the resident, a meter can be purchased through the City of Darien. Costs are $175.00 for a 1" meter and $100.00 for a 5/8 X 3/4" meter. Meters also may be purchased thought DuPage County, Information attached from DuPage Co. or please contact them at 630-682-7130 for additional information.

A plat of survey is required with a drawing of sprinkler head locations.

Inspections required with right-of way sprinkler with a meter:

  1. Plumbing (RPZ)
  2. Right of way inspection
  3. DuPage Co. (water/d-duct meter)

Inspections required for private property only with a meter:

  1. Plumbing (RPZ)  
  2. DuPage Co. (water/d-duct meter)

Water Restrictions begin May 15 through Sept 15 no watering between the hours of 11:00am to 7:00pm.

Backflow certifications are due yearly (State Law) and are sent to 1041 S. Frontage Road Darien, IL 60561

Contractors license not required – Must present copy of state plumbers license

To schedule an inspection or for more information call 630-353-8115

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