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Community Engagement

Darien Police Officers, who are certified instructors, work in Darien elementary and junior high schools as well as Our Lady of Peace, to teach children about the dangers of drugs, drug abuse, personal safety, gangs, violence, conflict resolution, and internet safety. Children benefit from what they know in advance.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is one of our most successful programs. It is designed to assist individual homeowners help themselves to prevent crime in their neighborhoods. The program unites neighbors and teaches them how to deter burglary and vandalism. An officer will assist groups or neighborhood organizations in starting this program by calling SGT. Nick Skweres at 630-353-8337 or to schedule a presentation.


Child Seat Inspection

Safety inspections and proper installations for child car seats are available through the Police Department. If you would like to make an appointment to ensure that your child's car seat is safely secured and appropriate for your child, please call the Darien Police Department at 630-971-3999 for an appointment. There is no charge for this service.
Car Seat Recall List NIHTSA Website (Car Seat Safety)

Car Seat Recall List

NIHTSA Website (Car Seat Safety)


Bicycle Registration

The Darien Police Department registers citizens’ bicycles at the Police Department.
The information needed to register the bicycle is the make, model, size, serial number, color, and boys/girls bicycle.  To register your bicycle and receive a registration sticker, please come in to the police department during regular business hours.


Phone Fraud

FTC Webpage


Safety Village of Darien

The Police Department teaches various classes at the Darien Safety Village on various topics to assist children in learning to be safe and stranger alert.  Contact the Safety Village of Darien at 630-968-0777 for session dates and times.


Internet Safety

In an ever changing world it is important to know what your children are viewing on the internet. For information on individualized programs on Internet Safety contact the Crime Prevention Officer.

Facebook Safety  

MySpace Parents Information



Officer Friendly

Children seem to greatly benefit from being able to talk with a police officer, and ask questions to better their understanding of our role and what they can do to help keep them safe.  Commonly discussed topics include abduction awareness, bicycle safety, staying home alone, stranger-danger, and bullying.  Canine Officers are also available for presentations and demonstration.  Contact the Crime Prevention Officer to schedule a presentation.


Police Station Tours

The Police are very proud of their facility and would be happy to schedule tours by contacting the Crime Prevention Officer.

Police_Tours_1.jpg Police_Tours_3.jpg



Child Fingerprinting

The Darien Police Department has Child Identification Kits available for parents.   The child identification kits allow parents to record vital information should their child go missing. The information includes fingerprints, dental records, and a photo. Contact Crime Prevention to pick-up a kit or to have your child fingerprinted.


Careers in Law Enforcement

Officers can explain what a career in law enforcement is all about. Officers can discuss pre-requisite and requirements for a position in law enforcement and the various options regarding careers in Federal, State, County and Municipal Law Enforcement.  This program is also presented annually at the High School and Junior High Schools in the area.


Home Security Surveys

Crime prevention officers will conduct security surveys of your home. You'll receive advice on what steps to take to make your property more secure. This program offers consultation in areas such as: locks, alarm systems, security lighting and environmental design to reduce crime risk. These presentations can be scheduled by calling the Crime Prevention Officer.


Crime Prevention Officer Contact

Crime Prevention Officer Contact:
Sergeant Nick Skweres


Elderly Services

To better assist the Senior Citizen Population the Darien Police Department sent several officers for specialty training in elderly services.  Since the inception of the program Elderly Services Officers have been busy meeting with Darien senior citizens and assisting them with important services.For questions regarding this program you can contact Sergeant Nick Skweres at or call him directly at 630-353-8337 an he will assign an Elderly Services Officer to contact you.

Lock Your Car Doors

It seems simple, but most vehicular burglaries still happen to UNLOCKED cars. This is true for Darien and communities throughout the United States. These burglaries are often crimes of opportunity where many suspects have only advanced to burglarize a vehicle if they’ve found it unlocked.
This video was provided by the Village of Winnetka in 2017. IT IS A MUST-WATCH.
There are similar videos that have been provided over many years but UNLOCKED VEHICLES REMAIN A PROBLEM.
Remember, you can protect your valuables (phone, laptop, tablet, wallet, purse, etc.) from theft by following these simple precautions:

  • Always lock your vehicle's doors and remove valuables or at least keep them out of sight.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended while it is unlocked.
  • If you have a garage, use it and lock the door.
  • Never leave your car keys in plain view or in an easily accessible area.
  • Use tire and/or wheel locks.
  • If you must leave valuable objects or packages in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk.
  • Park in well lit areas when possible.
  • Avoid parking near large vehicles and bushes as they provide cover for thieves.
  • Call 911 if you see somebody looking into windows, pulling door handles or checking for alarms by bumping windows or bumpers.