Sense when others may need comforting words

Date: 6/20/2024
There are many of us who go through periods of sadness in our lives; some do so in private while for others, their sadness is visible to all around them. The question then becomes, how do those of us respond when we encounter an individual who is experiencing a downturn in their lives? Some may walk away, feeling incapable of helping the individual who is hurting, while others might attempt to find a level of intervention or connection that they hope will assure that individual that they are there for them.

When I was in church one Sunday, a friend came up to me when the service was over, and asked me if I was alright. He noted that he sensed something was wrong, and wanted me to know he was there for me. His words brought on a rush of emotion since I was dealing with a family health issue. I shared my feelings with him briefly, and I could see that he was moved by my words. Our conversation ended with him assuring me that he would keep us in his prayers. As I left church, I marveled over the fact that he had sensed something was wrong and took the time to inquire as to my well-being. I walked away feeling encouraged by the fact that someone took the time to let me know that they were there for me.

We come into contact with a number of individuals during the course of our day, and many of them might be in a position or state of mind where, if we took a minute to check, we might find that a kind word or an expression of concern might assist them in making it through their day. We don’t have to be therapists to others; we only need to be humans who see the need to treat others humanely. Give some thought to how you interact with someone experiencing a difficult time. Do you walk away, or do you put your hand on their shoulder, and let them know that “Maybe I cannot stop the downpour, but I will always accompany you for a walk in the rain.”