When you see a police officer, thank them

Date: 5/24/2024
Several weeks ago, I received close to thirty “Thank You” cards from a class of students in District #61. I enjoyed reading their notes thanking me for sending them a video where I discussed my role as Mayor of the City of Darien. While each card was unique, there was one thought expressed in almost all of them, they thanked me for keeping them safe. While I appreciate the sentiment, what I want them to know, is that the people who really do keep them safe, are the men and women of the Darien Police Department. They are the true heroes, the individuals who go out each day with only one purpose in mind, to keep the City of Darien safe for its residents.

If you have never visited with a Darien Police officer, I suggest you take some time to meet one; you will soon realize that they are just like the rest of us. Behind the uniform and all the equipment, they have families and lives very similar to the rest of us. The difference between their lives and ours, is that they go to work every day, put on a uniform and dedicate their lives to the safety and wellbeing of all Darien residents.

Darien’s men and women in blue are among the finest officers serving any community in DuPage County and the State of Illinois. I am biased, and I will add, that as I have come to know them personally, they are the FINEST department in DuPage County and the State of Illinois, and according to current data, you will see this information shows how we live in one of the safest communities in DuPage County. That doesn’t happen by accident, it takes outstanding leadership, excellent training, state of the art equipment and the dedication of thirty-four men and women who are deeply dedicated to serving each of us on a daily basis. In an era when many are critical of police, here in Darien we respect and honor them for their work.

So in response to the students who thanked me for keeping them safe, I can only
say that when you see a Darien Police officer, thank them and remember that true
heroes don’t wear capes, they wear “blue.” Thank you to all of our Darien officers and
leaders, I am honored to be your mayor.