Darien / ComEd Security Camera Rebate Program

8/25/2020 | Posted in: News
The City of Darien was awarded the Powering Safe Communities grant from the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus of DuPage and funded by Commonwealth Edison.  The grant of $10,000 and matched by the City of Darien for another $10,000 will be used for a Home Security Camera Rebate Program.  The Home Security Rebate Program creates a rebate for residents who purchase and install a security camera system on their property and register the cameras with the Darien Police Department (DPD). The registration only includes a notice of where the cameras are and does not allow the police department regular access.  The program is intended to deter crime and assist law enforcement with investigations if a crimes does occur.
Amount of Rebate
  • A rebate is available for the actual cost of a camera (or camera system) up to $400. The rebate is only for the cost of the camera including sales tax.  The installation, accessories and storage are not covered.
  • Please review the following information and if you have additional questions, please contact Sergeant Nick Skweres at nskweres@darienil.gov or 630-353-8337. 
  • Applicants must be an owner or tenant of a property that is used as a residence, business, nonprofit, or religious institution located in Darien.
  • The camera system must have been purchased and installed on the property after August 28, 2020 and before all available funds are expended, or the expiration of the Power Safe Communities 2020 grant.
  • The camera system must be registered with the Darien Police Department.
  • Security camera systems must be installed on the exterior of a building.
  • Installation of cameras will be verified.
  • All cameras must be outdoor and weather proof.
  • Only one security camera system per property address is eligible.
  • Security camera systems must retain video footage for at least seventy-two (72) hours.
  • Security camera systems shall meet minimum technical and video quality specifications below:
Digital Cameras          Minimum Specifications       Recommended Specifications
Camera Resolution       1 Megapixel                            3 Megapixel
Screen Resolution        1280x720                                2048x1536
Video Quality               Standard                                 High
Frames per Second       5                                              15
By participating in this program, the Applicant acknowledges that he or she will not use the security camera for any unlawful or harassing purposes and will comply with all applicable building and electrical code requirements.

  • To apply for a rebate complete the following three steps:
    • Step 1: Purchase and install the camera(s) on the exterior of your property.
    • Step 2: Register your camera system with DPD. Preferred registration is by completing the Camera Registry Form. If you are unable to complete the form you can download the form here and submit it to nskweres@darienil.gov or return to the Police Department, Attn: Camera Registry Form.
    • Step 3: Submit proof of purchase with the Camera Registry Form and make sure to check the box requesting a refund.
    • Step 4: Verification of Installation.  Contact Sergeant Nick Skweres to set-up a meeting for an officer to verify installation of the camera(s) nskweres@darienil.gov or 630-353-8337.
  • Do not submit your application until the cameras are installed on the property. You must answer all questions in the application and provide proof of purchase of cameras that details the number and cost of cameras purchased and demonstrates payment made.
  • Upon submission of a complete application, you will receive an e-mail acknowledging successful submission of the application. 
  • It may take up to 45 working days to issue your rebate provided your application is complete and approved.
  1. When does the program start and end?
         August 29, 2020 and will continue until funds are exhausted or through February 28, 2021.
  1. What residences can utilize the reimbursement?
          Single family homes and townhouses.
  1. Do I have to purchase a specific type of security camera system?
         While there is no requirement for a specific type of system, there are some minimum and   
         recommended specifications.  
  1. Do I have to install the security camera(s) in a specific location? 
          Cameras need to be installed on the exterior of the building/home.  The City of Darien Police Department has officers trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) who can assist.  The Darien Police Department will contact the resident to set-up the meeting to verify the installation.
     5.  How much is the rebate?

         Applicants can apply for a security camera rebate of up to $200 per camera for a maximum rebate of $400 per address of a property used as a residence.

     6. Can I get reimbursed for more than one camera?

          Yes.  While there is a limitation of only one (1) security camera system per property address, a camera system may include multiple cameras.  You can apply for a rebate for more than one camera, as long as the amount requested does not exceed $200 per camera and the total does not exceed $400 per address of a property used as a residence.
        For example:
  •  A resident purchases a camera system with two (2) cameras at a cost of $200 per camera. The rebate request should be $400.
  • A resident purchases a camera system with three (3) cameras at a cost of $300 per camera. The rebate request should be $400, as only $200 is allowable per camera, with a maximum rebate of $400 for a residential address. 
     7.  How long will it take to receive the rebate?

         Upon submission of an application, it will take up to 45 business days to receive the rebate, if the application is complete and approved.
     8.  How do I register my camera with the Darien Police Department (DPD?)

          Complete the form here or download a copy here.
     9.  What documents do I need in order to apply for a rebate?
  • Proof of purchase for the security camera system.
  • Proof of registration with DPD.
  • Proof of installation. 
    10. Does the Darien Police Department (DPD) have access to the footage from the cameras? 

          Residents who are interested in participating in the program are required to register their cameras with the DPD.  Although the Darien Police Department (DPD) will not have access to live video from the camera, it can request that the program participant provide access to recorded footage. 

   11. How long do I have to store footage?

         Storage of the video should be a minimum of 72 hours.  This would allow time, if a crime has been committed, for the victim to report the crime and give police the time to get access to the video.

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