Heat Safety

8/12/2022 | Posted in: News
We’re in the last push of summer, with a mix of hot, warm, and occasionally cool days. On those hot and warm days, be sure to practice heat safety for yourself and to look out for those around you no matter where the day may take you.

Job Sites: It is easy to get distracted when you’re busy at work, so bring a water bottle along and stay hydrated. If you work outside or in a hot environment, be sure to take breaks in shade or A/C as often as possible.

Indoors: Take a minute to check on anyone you know without air conditioning to make sure they are staying cool enough. Heat can affect the elderly and those who are sick more quickly, so be sure to check on them.

Vehicles: Never leave anyone unattended in a car, temperatures can quickly become unsafe and deadly.

Outdoors: Limit your strenuous outdoor activities to cooler times of day and take breaks in the shade. As always, stay hydrated!

Visit weather.gov/heat for more tips!
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