2022 Roadside Maintenance Ditch Regrading Project

Pre-Bid Conference


Due Date

1/27/2022 9:30:00 AM

Additional Information

The project involves approximately 5,500 lineal feet of various storm sewer pipe removal and approximately 5,000 lineal feet of various storm sewer pipe installation as required. The Projects also includes minor road crossings, approximately 25 structure removals, and installation of approximately 150 storm sewer structures consisting of inlets, drainage boxes, catch basins or manholes. The project also calls out for approximately 11,000 lineal feet of ditching. The total excavation depth will range from (4’) foot in depth to a depth of (6’) foot to the bottom of the pipe. The project may also call out for the installation of approximately 850 lineal feet of 4 to 6 inch underdrain. 
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