Mayor Joseph A. Marchese

The Mayor of Darien is elected every four years at the April, non-partisan municipal election. The qualifications for Mayor include being a qualified elector of the City, having resided in the City for one year preceding election, not being in arrears in the payment of a tax or other indebtedness due to the City, and not having been convicted of any infamous crime, bribery, perjury, or other felony.

The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the City as well as the presiding officer for the City Council. The Mayor's formal, legal duties are enumerated in State Statutes and local ordinances, and include enforcement of all laws and ordinances, oversight of the general operations of the City and designation as local liquor control commissioner. The Mayor also has the power to veto ordinances passed by the Council.

More importantly, the Mayor is the leader of the City. Through custom, practice and influence, the Mayor leads both the legislative (City Council) and executive (City staff) sides of the City.

On the legislative side, the Mayor is a member of the governing body as well as presiding officer. In practice in Darien, this role has been a collaborative function to work with the Council to develop a vision for Darien through regular goal-setting sessions.

These goal-setting sessions help identify the priorities and values for the City and gives clear direction to the staff. Without this goal-oriented process, cities often lose their ability to keep a consistent approach to issues. Cities can lurch from issue to issue and crisis to crisis, without a cohesive or comprehensive way to resolve disagreements or set priorities.

On the executive side, the Mayor is the head of the City organization. In practice, this has entailed working closely with the City Administrator to create a management team to not only make sure the City operates efficiently and effectively, but also to be sure it is responsive to the directions and priorities set by the elected officials.

Meet Mayor Joseph A. Marchese

You are invited to Meet Mayor Joseph Marchese on the third Monday of each month from 6:00 pm to 7:00 at the Darien City Hall, 1702 Plainfield Road. If you would like to meet Mayor Marchese during daytime hours, you can call City Hall to schedule a daytime appointment.