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This database allows Illinois instruction permit, driver's license and identification card holders to enter their emergency contact information into a voluntary, secure database. Starting in August 2009, in the event of a motor vehicle crash or other emergency situation where a person is unable to communicate directly, law enforcement may access this database to help them reach the person's designated emergency contacts.

If a person holds both an Illinois driver's license or permit and an Illinois identification card, the emergency contact information can be entered for both cards in one transaction. The information will only be associated with the record(s) selected by the participant.

Participants can add, modify, or delete their emergency contact information at any time by visiting this web page. Any modifications or deletions will overwrite all previously entered information. Previously entered emergency contact information will not be displayed, in order to ensure the privacy and security of the information. Participants can print the page containing their emergency contact information upon completion for their records.

Participants may select one or two persons as their emergency contacts, and are encouraged to share their participation with the emergency contacts they have chosen.

It is the responsibility of the holder of the driver's license, instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card to enter accurate data into the required fields, as well as to update contact data should any data change after initial enrollment in the emergency contact database. The Secretary of State assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered by the holder of a driver's license (including commercial driver's license), instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card and disclaims any liability for damages, costs, and/or expenses, including, without limitation, consequential damages, arising or resulting from any inaccurate data or failure to update contact data.

Buckle Up!

On January 1, 2012, a new Illinois law goes into effect that will require backseat passengers to buckle up. Previously, Illinois law required only drivers, front seat passengers and certain passengers younger than 19 years old to wear seat belts. The new law states that every driver and passenger of a motor vehicle operated on a street or highway must wear a properly adjusted safety belt, with few exceptions.

The law, HB 219, exempts passengers of emergency vehicles and taxi cabs. The law does not apply to motorcycles, motor vehicles that are not required to be equipped with safety belts by federal law, or motor vehicles with a model year prior to 1965. The full text of the law is available on the Illinois General Assembly’s website.

Child Passenger Protection

Children under age 8 must be secured in an appropriate child restraint system, which includes infant seats, convertible seats (rear-facing for infants and forward-facing for toddlers), forward facing only seats (toddlers) and booster seats used with vehicle lap/shoulder belts.  Always follow the safety seat manufacturer's instructions for height and weight guidelines. Children ages 8 and older are required by law to wear safety belts. For their ultimate safety, it is recommended that all children ride in the back seat.

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