Patios and Walks Information

General Information

  • All patios and walks require zoning approval.
  • Draw project to scale on a copy of your Plat of Survey. Indicate dimensions of project and distances to all lot lines.
  • Patios must be at least 10 feet from an interior side lot line, 15 feet from a corner side lot line (along side street), 20 feet from a rear lot line, in most cases. Verify with staff before designing your project.
  • Walks must be at least 5 feet from side and rear lot lines, and located outside of easements.
  • Within the rear yard, lot coverage is limited to 30%. This includes all structures, pools, patios, decks, walks, etc. located within the rear yard.
  • Total lot coverage is limited to 50% of the lot area. This includes all structures, walks, driveways, patios, decks, pools, sheds, etc., on the lot.
  • Concrete patios and walks require at least 4 inches of gravel and 4 inches of concrete.
  • Permit fee: $50.00.
  • If using a contractor, contractor must be licensed with the City of Darien.
  • Concrete requires pre-pour inspection.
  • Pavers require final zoning inspection only.

PLEAST NOTE: If any portion of the property is located in flood plain and/or wetlands, the permit process takes considerably longer than normal due to reviewing your project for compliance with applicable regulations.

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