Residential Fence Information

Printer Friendly Residential Fence Permit Information

A Permit is Required

  • To install, alter or replace a fence
  • If a fence is erected in flood plain a more extensive review must be done.

A Permit Application for a Fence Includes:

  • A completed Fence permit (available at City Hall)
  • A recent Plat of Survey drawn to scale showing location of fence, height and type of fence, wood, aluminum, etc.

Fences May Be Located:

  • In the corner side yard setback to a maximum height of six (6) feet
  • In interior side yards to a maximum height of six (6) feet
  • In the rear yard to a maximum height of six (6) feet except when the Rear yard is next to the front yard of an adjacent lot, where the fence may not exceed four (4) feet

Fences May Not Be Located:

  • In any front yard, except for landscape fences that are three (3’) or less in height, twenty-five feet (25’) in length or less, and not used as a means of confinement. Non-conforming font yard fences

I Also Need to Know That:

  1. The finished side of the fence must face away from lot.
  2. The ground level under the fence may not be changed without approval of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  3. A fence permit may be issued the same day unless it is for a corner lot or on a floodplain.
  4. Fence permits are $25.00.


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