Parking Ordinances

The police department enforces many parking ordinances that were adopted from Illinois State Law.  These include: 

  • No Parking 2:00am - 6:00am
  • No Parking in a Fire Lane
  • No Parking – blocking the Public Sidewalk
  • No Parking – Left Wheel to the Curb
  • No Parking in a Handicapped Space without Plates or a placard.

Overnight Parking

The Darien Police Department enforces “No Parking 2AM to 6AM” on all city streets. Citizens may request permission to park on the street during these hours on a temporary basis.

To receive permission to park on the streets, call the police departments administrative phone number 630-971-3999. Press #1 when the auto-attendant answers. You will be given instructions on what information to leave on the message.

During snow fall in excess of 1 inch, all parking permission will be revoked in order to salt and plow the streets. Vehicles left on the street will be ticketed.

Recreational Vehicles

The storage and parking of trailers, tow dollies, snow plow blades, boats, boat trailers, mobile homes, travel trailers, campers, off road vehicles, personal watercraft and other recreational vehicles as defined by the Illinois vehicle code, herein referred to as recreational vehicles, shall be as follows:
(A) Storage And Parking Of Recreational Vehicles: One recreational vehicle, or one boat on a trailer, or one trailer with up to two (2) personal recreational vehicles, one trailer, one tow dolly or one snow plow blade, when not attached to a vehicle, may be stored outside an enclosed structure within a rear or interior side yard only, subject to the following:

1. Recreational vehicles may be parked within a front or corner side yard, on a driveway, under the following conditions:

(a) For loading, unloading, cleaning and related activities for a period not exceeding three (3) consecutive days.
(b) For temporary occupancy by guests as permitted by this section.

2. The recreational vehicle shall not be used or occupied for living, housekeeping or business purposes, except for use by temporary guests not to exceed a period of fourteen (14) consecutive days and for not more than two (2) occurrences in a calendar year.

3. The recreational vehicle shall not exceed thirty five feet (35') in length and eight feet (8') in width except that boats shall not exceed twenty five feet (25') in length and ten feet (10') in height, exclusive of antennas, masts, or other accessories.

4. All such recreational equipment must be kept in good repair and carry a valid current year's license and/or registration.

5. All recreational vehicles shall be parked or stored on an asphalt, concrete or other hard surface material which meets the setback requirement for driveways set forth in subsection 5A-11-3(A)4 of this title. (Ord. 0-20-14, 7-7-2014)

Inoperable Motor Vehicles:

The Darien Police Department enforces this ordinance, contact the police department 630-971-3999.


For purposes of this Chapter "inoperable motor vehicle" means any motor vehicle from which, for a period of at least seven (7) days, the engine, wheels, or other parts have been removed, or on which the engine, wheels or other parts have been altered, damaged, or otherwise so treated that the vehicle is incapable of being driven under its own motor power, but shall not include:

  1. A motor vehicle which has been rendered temporarily incapable of being driven under its own power in order to perform ordinary service or repair operations;
  2. Any motor vehicle that is kept within a building when not in use;
  3. Operable historic vehicles over twenty five (25) years of age; and
  4. A motor vehicle on the premises of a place of business engaged in the wrecking or junking of motor vehicles. (Ord. 0-54-87, 12-7-1987)


All inoperable motor vehicles, whether on public or private property within the City, are hereby declared nuisances. (Ord. 0-54-87, 12-7-1987)


  1. A person is required to dispose of any inoperable motor vehicle(s) under his or her control within seven (7) days after written notice is received from the corporate authorities of the City or from the Chief of Police or any member of his Department designated by him, commanding disposition of the inoperable motor vehicle(s).
  2. The Police Department of the City may remove the inoperable motor vehicle after seven (7) days written notice if the vehicle has not been removed by the vehicle owner.
  3. A person shall not deposit upon any public or private roadway, alley, driveway, parking area, or other place within the City limits, any inoperable motor vehicle or part thereof without first obtaining permission of the owner, occupant, or agent of private property or the Police Department of the City for public property.
  4. Any person failing to obey a notice received pursuant to this Chapter shall be fined as provided in Section 1-4-1 of this Code for each day such failure to obey shall continue.
  5. The provisions of this Chapter are authorized by Illinois State statutes, specifically Public Act 85-163, 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-40-3, as from time to time amended. (Ord. 0-54-87, 12-7-1987)


Nothing in this Chapter shall be construed to limit the power of the City to abate a nuisance where the circumstances creating the nuisance include the maintenance of a motor vehicle on private property. (Ord. 0-54-87, 12-7-1987)