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As you know the one certain way of defeating criminal behavior and chronic disorder is to be proactive and take full advantage of the partnerships and other relationships that we are able to forge. Recently, there was an attempt by an unknown motorist to lure a young nine year old to a vehicle with an offer of candy. Fortunately, the child was able to run away and no harm came to that child. However, as law enforcement officers we recognize that the individuals who attempted to lure this child, did not have good intentions and need to be caught. We had only a vague description that would allow us to pursue and apprehend this offender. That simply may not be enough.

As we seek to capitalize on both technology and our relationships with our community, I am seeking your participation in a new program. The program works as follows: Any private citizen or commercial business, that possesses a video surveillance system, would register the system with the Darien Police Department. In the event that an incident occurred near your community or place of business, we would search our registry for anyone who had registered a surveillance system near the incident. A member of the Darien Police Department would contact you and determine if your home or video surveillance system captured any images that held evidentiary value. If so, and with your permission we would download your images and inventory them in order to facilitate prosecution.

Each interested citizen or business owner should contact Rose Gonzalez in Darien Police Department and identify your name, address, phone number and if your system has any external view of your property. We will log your information into our data base and you would only hear from the Darien Police Department if an incident occurred near your residence and if you have video surveillance, we will request permission to view and download it for evidentiary and apprehension purposes.

Hopefully we have gotten you interested in partnering with the Darien Police Department in this collaborative initiative to fight crime. If so, please provide the proper person we can contact to discuss the program further, and include this form back with your business license.

If you would like more information, please contact Rose Gonzalez at 630-353-8133 or via e-mail at to register your video surveillance system with the Darien Police Department.

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Video Camera Registry

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